Convert to the religion of Judaism

Convert to Judaism:
Reasons Vary but Share
A Common Goal

Convert to Judaism: Keeping the Spark Alive

People convert to Judaism for many reasons. As varied as the reasons for someone to convert, the goal is still the same. By their own choice, an individual wants to become one with the Jewish people uniting oneself with the faith and the fate of of the people of Israel, even knowing well the history of our martyrdom in years past.

Some individuals convert to Judaism because of a geneological reason. They know that they have Jewish ancestry and want to connect to their family. In this way, the act to convert to Judaism comes as a natural step and a continuation of a line of ancestry for many people. In other cases, forming a relationship with a Jewish person makes the connection to Judaism and through that experience exposes an individual to our tradition and practice. By experiencing Jewish holidays and the Jewish family values, a person may want to then convert to Judaism in order to unite themselves with family and take the values and traditions on as their own. For those who are studying, researching, examining, and evaluating their own religion and religious practice in their lives, the values and the mitzvot that are the essence of Judaism often serve as inspiration for people to convert to Judaism. Judaism as the "religion of the deed, not the religion of the creed" rings true for such individuals. Some people tell me that their reason to convert to Judaism is that they feel a true connection with God, having no intermediaries or saints. However the most common reason for conversion to Judaism is a mix of them all.

Whatever might be your reason to convert to Judaism, and however fervent it may be, it is but a flame. For me as a Rabbi, the most relevant part of conversion to Judaism is your commitment to live a Jewish life. Ultimately, living a Jewish life is what you need to do in order to have a positive Jewish identity. This means fulfilling our mitzvot, and conducting daily acts of loving kindness. You might have this spark within you to convert to Judaism, and want to carry it out, but only through daily practice can the light of Torah be kept alive, for the future, and continue to guide your path.


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