Rabbi Celso Cukierkorn will interview every applicant individually (even those who have been pre-interviewed or referred by other Rabbis) before accepting them as student.

If the level of commitment or motivations do not meet the Rabbi's standards, he will inform you.

Please remember to read the entire website before contacting the Rabbi. Pathway to Judaism is an extremely rewarding one, although it is not for everyone.


Rabbi Cukierkorn's process will teach you the most important elements to Judaism.

The course have no sry time frame, since it depends on each student's dedication and time available for study.

Students are expected to have a commitment to continue the study of Judaism and Jewish texts ad traditions for the rest of their lives.


Establishing Jewish Patterns in order to establish a positive Jewish Identity. Students are encouraged to:

Fasting and attending to synagogues is symbolic of our commitment to observe the High Holy ways and the festivals.

Symbolizes our commitment to begin to observe Shabbat at home and in the synagogue.

Symbolize our commitment to having a Jewish home.

The commitment to give of ourselves, our time and our money, according to ability.

The commitment to become an active member of the Jewish Comunity.

Accept some aspects that reflects and understanding of their importance of the Jewish life. Aknowledge the validity of the discipline.

The commitment to a regular workship experience.

Each individual must present an outline or plan for continuing a Jewish education.

Includes support for the Jewish people and the Land of Israel as the historical Jewish homeland and the Jewish state. Support the United Jewish Appeal or other organizations that act on behalf of Israel and Jews in America and around the world.

The commitment to "teach them faithfully to your children" (the v'ahavta prayer). Our commitment to raise children in the Jewish faith


The Final Exam must be completed before a student can apply to attend a seminar.

After completing the exam, choosing a Hebrew name is an important step. Choose a first name that is meaningful to you and be prepared to explain the significance of your name.


The seminars are intended for students who have completed the Conversion to Judaism curriculum. Seminar locations in New York City, NY, Los Angeles, CA, Miami Beach, FL, Houston, TX, and Spain make attendance a feasible requirement for all students.


The Mikvah is a ritual immersion that both men and women undergo as a part of the Conversion Seminar.

In this step to altain spiritual self-refinement and rebirth, students should be prepared to immerse themselves having removed all jewelry, nail polish, and makeup.

(Blessed art Thou... Who sanctified us with His commandments and commanded us on immersion).


The ultimate step towards conversion to Judaism... Remember that this is not the end of the spiritual journey, just the beginning of a new one...

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