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Judaism - The oldest religion

About Judaism - Origins and Values

Judaism is the oldest religion in all senses of the word. Before the birth of Judaism, there were only pagan religions. Judaism was created by Abraham whereas every other contemporary of Abraham understood that there were days and nights, stars and sky, the ocean and the land, and they also believed that each were an individual entity. But Abraham not only understood that the entire universe is connected (making him the first quantum physicist), he also understood that there was a need to connect to the source of it all. This science of connecting with the source, is called Judaism.

Abraham entered the covenant with God and God entered a covenant with Abraham. As Abraham chose God as his God, and God chose the Jewish people as his chosen people as a covenant forever to all generations. Abraham was the first to establish Judaism as the "religion of the deed, not the religion of the creed". His first Jewish act was to build a tent in the middle of the desert and invite people in to wash their feet and feed them. In exchange for his hospitality, he expected his guests to pray and thank God at the end of the meal. That same spirit of dedication is today reflected in all of our projects at Adat Achim Synagogue.

It is also very important to note that Judaism is the only religion in the world that is based on a mass revelation. The values that we hold as the most holy and are the basis for the western civilization, were given at Sinai in front of the entire Jewish people. As all other religious traditions based their legitimacy on one individual's dream or one individual's revelation, Judaism had an entire generation to witness the veracity of its claims. In the Torah, Jews have been the first ones to understand so many concepts like prayer, house of worship, charity, kindness to the stranger, hospitality to guests, women's rights, and many, many more. These are the concepts that make the world a better place and people better individuals.


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